You want more power out of your Jaguar? The base model is far from fully tuned and this affects its performance. The aim of most car manufacturers is to achieve an average power figure and adequate fuel economy to fit into the various tax bands, but you want more! The engine is the first place to start in order to tune your car to achieve maximum performance.

Atlanta Car Tuning – Maximize the Performance of Your JaguarJaguar_Tuning

Most Jaguar owners look to increase the power of their engines to capitalize on performance. As you push your Jaguar engine harder, it will require more frequent servicing to maintain reliability. Proper car tuning is a must! You also should consider the various breathing mods (intake and exhaust) and internal engine modifications. If you are serious about performance, you should look at uprated valves and springs while you are having your car tuned. Forced induction engines like turbos and superchargers will allow very good power gains with minimal outlay.

If car tuning to increase performance is your top priority, you need to be able to stop efficiently as well. Consider uprated brakes, performance pads, and disks to stop your Jaguar on a dime. Also, suspension modifications will improve handling as you navigate treacherous curves. You should not overlook the importance of the right tire as they will spectacularly improve how your Jaguar grips and handles. Traction is extremely important because all that separates your Jaguar from the road is a few inches of tire rubber.

You can drastically improve the performance of your Jaguar with car tuning. You want more power from your car and you deserve it! You can achieve amazing results by tuning just a few parts of your Jaguar.