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Jason Cummins

Your car deserves its personal mechanic. I believe in what I do and guarantee excellence in my work. With one-on-one personal care, you will always know the service performed on your vehicle. If you leave a message, I will always return your call to answer any questions and concerns by the end of the day.

Furthermore, your BMW, Jaguar, or Mercedes warranty is not voided when you obtain your regular servicing at Buckhead Imports.

At our company, you can expect the highest level of satisfaction. Every car must receive my personal seal of approval post-servicing. You will be completely satisfied and confident that your car was repaired in the most professional manner.


Jason Cummins



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Car Myths

Myth #6: Water is equivalent to antifreeze.

We mere mortals take coolant largely on faith. After all, anything that is tested with little colored balls in a turkey baster is far beyond our comprehension. Left to our own devices, we would simply fill the radiator with a garden hose. This cheapskate trick would prove to be detrimental.

Antifreeze coolant is far better than H2O, as it is designed to continue engine cooling in temperature extremes. Coolant also prevents the corrosion and mineral deposits associated with salted winter lanes. Still, antifreeze is not foolproof. Problems with antifreeze could result if too much is added: counter intuitively, it will not cool very well. The mixture must be correctly proportioned, and antifreeze must be drained and replaced periodically. This ensures those heat-reducing cells do not get clogged.


"The maintenance team squeezed me in last minute. Great service and great price!"

Dave K.