2008 BMW M3 E90

Buckhead Imports tuned 2008 E90 M3

e90 m3 web

H&R moderate lowering springs .8 front .6 rear (below)

new pics 10-23 069

 We removed the stock (silver) crankshaft pulley and installed a smaller (black) Buckhead Imports crankshaft pulley


We removed the stock cats (below left) and installed a custom Buckhead Imports race exhaust (below right)

new pics 10-23 034

new pics 10-23 038

















Buckhead Imports installed an AFE filter kit (The scoops go in behind the kidney grills)

afe air filter 2

Buckhead Imports installed a custom tune and everything listed above and had some pretty impressive gains

2008 m3 bmw